Western Union Network Challenge: win up to 3000 pesos worth of gift certificates

To celebrate its 160th birthday, Western Union has come up with a Program to search for the most networked person in the world. Discover how geographically connected you are through a new interactive, online application Your World at

Let us show the world that Filipinos are among the most geographically networked people by taking part in the online rally. In partnership with Western Union we are giving away three (3) Sodexo gift certificates worth 1,000 pesos each!

So how do you win? Simply follow the steps below!

Contest mechanics

  1. Like Western Union and Audio Visual Junkie on Facebook
  2. Use the Western Union World application by going to the website and clicking on Your World
  3. On the resulting page, click on the Post to Facebook link located at the top right corner of the application
  4. Share this post on your Facebook profile: Visit and find out how you can win up to 3000 pesos from Western Union and Audio Visual Junkie! (NOTE: The post must be set to Public and the words Western Union and Audio Visual Junkie must be tagged to the Facebook pages indicated in step #1)
    Western Union World Facebook post
  5. Follow Audio Visual Junkie on Networkedblogs
  6. Follow me on Twitter
  7. Post the following on Twitter: RT @dennison: Visit and find out how you can win up to 3000 pesos from Western Union and Audio Visual Junkie!
  8. Answer the following question: What are the three (3) types of World Rankings? The answer can be found at the bottom-right portion of Western Union World (hint: N*****k, C*****y, W***d)
  9. Post the following in the comments box below:
    • The link to your Western Union World shared post in step #3
    • The link to your Facebook post in step # 4
    • The link to your Twitter post in step #7
    • Your answer to the question in step #8

Contest rules

  1. Only one entry per participant
  2. Participants must perform all of the steps in order to qualify for the contest
  3. Contest ends on midnight, August 31, 2011
  4. Winners will be selected through
  5. Winners will be notified through the e-mail address indicated on the comments page
  6. Prizes must be claimed on or before September 30, 2011

Update (2011-08-28):

To get the link to your Facebook post (requirement for step #3 and #4) right-click on the timestamp of the post and copy the link:

How to link to your Facebook post

Update (2011-08-30):

If you are having issues using the Western Union Facebook application (step #3) then a screenshot of your world image will do. Refer to the image used at the top of this post as an example.

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