White Roses / Pei Hua (poem)

White Roses - Pei Hua

Return to basics,
Holding no expectations,
Nothing in return,

A new beginning.

Mature and honest,
Vulnerable yet still firm,


A surrendering,
To time, fate, and destiny,
Honor. Loyalty.


Forgetting the past,
A return to innocence,

A state of calmness,


Just like my love.

Wo bu ke yi ai ta ren.
Ni zhi dao ma?

Ni ting,
Ni shi wo de pei hua.

Ni ting,
Ni shi wo de pei ai.

Ni ting ma?
Ni zhi dao ma?

Da hao le.

Wo gei ni zhe ge pei hua.

Dennison Uy
November 11, 2007
Originally published here

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